Quality Control
1976 to 2018 ~ 42 Years

As of September 1, 2006, Timberfield Roof Truss has become a certified user of In-Plant WTCA QC, a program developed by WTCA to help truss manufacturers manage the quality of the trusses they produce.

In-Plant WTCA QC is a voluntary program that provides internal quality control measures in truss manufacturing plants across North America. It establishes the frequency and criteria by which trusses are checked by the manufacturer for accuracy of cutting, assembly and plate placement, and the quality of the wood used to create the final product.

WTCA regularly monitors the data from certified companies to ensure compliance with program criteria. Currently, Timberfield is one of only 83 certified plants in North America and the second plant to be certified in Canada.

The voluntary implementation of the In-Plant WTCA QC program shows Timberfield's commitment to quality. Timberfield is now able to quantitatively spot trends in the manufacturing process, which provides an opportunity to see problems and resolve them before they impact production.

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